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Demolition Service Melbourne – The Quotes and The Basics You Need to Know

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Is it for You? – If renovation sounds a lot more complicated and difficult to execute than demolishing the entire structure down and building it from scratch, then call a ‘house demolisher’ and get the job done.

Types of Demolition – You can demolish the house completely or you can choose to knock down only a certain part of it, depending on the state of the existing structure and the design that you have in mind. Talk to your demolisher about your preferences.

How to Go About It – Before you call the demolisher, make sure you are well prepared:

-Apply for necessary permits.
-Make sure the demolisher has a proper, valid license.
-Disconnect existing services like gas, water supply and electricity.
-Go through all the safety guidelines carefully.

Demolition Melbourne – Most of Melbourne based demolition services offer packages that include only the demolishing process, so as to produce an initial cheap quote to get your job. The clean-up, waste disposal and removal of hazardous materials is left as an add-on service which costs a lot more when done via another company. Victoria Wide Demolitions, being a full service provider for 35 years, we know demolition itself is just the tip of the ice-berg. All jobs that we offer our full-service package that includes the demolishing process, clean-up, waste disposal and asbestos removal. With Victoria Wide Demolitions – we go one better. We offer suggestions, assistance and guidance to get your paperwork filled so that the council is crystal clear on what you are planning to do. This helps keep things on the timeline.

Quotes Vs The Final Cost of Demolition – Out of the hundreds of demolition companies in Melbourne, plus the new ones that keep erupting and closing within months, the single most thing that effects your job is industry experience. Anyone can quote you an initial cheap price, but then ‘find’ a few ‘surprises’ at your property/site that might add to the cost. An experienced demolition company like us will ask all the questions we need upfront to make sure we provide one quote that’s competitive and there are no surprises.
The cost you’ll have to bear for the demolition depends on the size of the structure. We will visit your premises a few days in advance and then give you an estimate about the charges involved.

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