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Thank you for choosing Victoria Wide Demolitions. We are THE demolition and earthmoving expert servicing Melbourne and surrounds for 35 years and counting. The scope of demolition services can be categorised into

Residential Demolition – All type of houses, units, townhouses – Places where people dwell

Commercial Demolition – Bigger complexes purpose made for conducting business like shopping centre , warehouse, underground parking  to name a few

Industrial Demolition – These buildings are engineered for a very specific purpose, and can be complex in terms of architecture and access. Metal Processing Plants, Chemical Production Plants and product assembly lines

Each demolition type presents specific challenges and intricacies for which we have developed separate teams.  From the very beginning with the initial site visit and scoping study, through to planning and delivering completion of the job, we pride in ensuring your job is done to perfection and within your time and financial budget.


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