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Top 5 ‘Must Have’ Tools of Demolition in 2016

Demolition is a messy and sometimes dangerous part of any home renovation. Simply taking down that wall to achieve the desirable open floor plan may not be quite as easy as it sounds. While it may be tempting to go at the wall with a sledgehammer, that's not always the prudent thing to do. Demolition creates a lot of dust, broken drywall and shattered wood and brick. Depending on what you're demol

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When Demolition Goes Wrong – Due to Google Maps!

We know what you're thinking. Must be them Americans, and you're right. This happened in Texas last week. But it again tells us that Google Maps although great at finding your way, aren't a substitute for the RP data and land titles that we use to pinpoint the demolition sites back here in Australia, weeks before things are set in motion. Here's what happened A Texas-based demolition firm Bi

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